Long Term Costa Rica Parking

Warning, what follows is not interesting unless you are an overlander hoping to park your vehicle in San Jose while you are out of the country.  First, find a government bonded warehouse (almacen fiscal) where you will park your vehicle.  There are many options around the airport, we chose Terminal Unidas (10.00063 N, 84.197067 W), but we really didn’t shop around at all.  At Terminal Unidas at the security gate ask for Alexis and the security guard will let you through.  Drive past the parking lot on your left to an area with lots of large trucks and a huge fenced parking area.  The office is in the far left corner of the warehouse.  Brush up on your Spanish because Alexis doesn’t speak any English although he found a translator to ensure that we understood the process for suspending our permit.  Give Alexis your vehicle import permit, he will make a copy and direct you to the small office at the entrance to the fenced in area where an unofficial looking man will write some numbers on the copied vehicle import permit that should be the same numbers he writes on the key identifier tags.  Return to the office and Alexis will enter some information into a computer, print out a form with all the information needed to suspend your permit including a string of numbers specific to that warehouse.  While I was taking care of all the paperwork they took pictures of every ding, scratch, and dent on the truck as well as inside the camper.  We then drove to a second fenced lot behind the first one parked Suzie where indicated and sadly said our goodbyes.  IMG_2567

We then walked to the airport, playing Frogger across the busy San Jose interstate, I would suggest taking a taxi because it is about a 2 mile walk to the customs office.  The customs office (Aduana SantaMaria) is not at the airport it is about 1 km further down the road (9.99788 N, 84.2115 W) in a large white building.  Present your original vehicle import permit, driver’s passport, and paperwork received from the almacen fiscal and after typing a bunch of information into a computer you will be given a new suspended permit.  The top will say suspender and the permit will also say how many days you have left on your permit once you return to Costa Rica.  The official kept our original permit and stated we would be issued a new one when we returned.  This process wasn’t too difficult for us, hopefully when we return it will be just as simple to reinstate the permit and collect Suzie!


9 thoughts on “Long Term Costa Rica Parking

  1. Hey, we got your interesting infos through sarah from thelongwaysouth, thx again. Simple and nice tagged your page. +++ Storing seems to be easier than all our worries. We are also checking for options in Nicaragua, but we still dont know much. As we want to store our van for longer time, the price per day would be interesting. Could you update us?
    Hope missing Centroamerica is not too hard.
    Silvano y Nadia with the blue cow

    • Missing the warmth and beaches of Central America at the moment! Storing was way easier then we anticipated, hopefully our truck is all in one piece when we return. We tried to negotiate a cheaper per day rate based on the length of time we were going to be there, but the storage place was quite firm on the price of $3/day. Good luck!

    • The place we are parked at does not have any covered parking, but there are a lot of options that we didn’t check out and a tarp might even do the trick? We are paying $3/day for uncovered parking. In our research, I found quotes of $3-5/day and again imagine that you might even be able to find somewhere cheaper and more negotiable. Good luck! Might mean we’ll see you on the road!!!

    • Travis, thank you for the pictures! I’m glad the post was helpful to you. I can’t believe the truck is actually still there. I would love to retrieve it, but unfortunately after returning to the US our travels ended and the truck is not registered to me. At this point not quite sure what is happening with it. Makes me quite sad to see it sitting there going to waste. Good luck with your adventures!

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