Border Crossings

Before we started this journey, border crossings were one of the things we feared the most and very difficult to find information about.  Border crossings continue to be stressful, but as our comfort level as increased our anxiety decreased.  Although we do not have any pictures, we hope that these basic descriptions of the borders we have crossed will help future overlanders along the way.

Basic Border Rules

  1. Copies, copies, copies.  Make multiple copies of drivers license, vehicle title, registration, and passport before leaving home.  This will save a lot of time and trips to shady copy places during border crossings.
  2. The basic order of operations is usually exit country’s immigration then customs, fumigation, entry country’s immigration then customs.
  3. Research current exchange rates and ‘shop’ around the money-changers in order to receive the best rate.
  4. Always have more money then you think you will need, we have a secret stash of US dollars for our ‘in case of emergency’ fund.
  5. Keep all receipts from all border transactions.  If you feel like you are being scammed, you probably are.  Ask for a receipt and refuse to pay unless one is provided.

USA to Mexico – San Diego

Mexico to Belize – Santa Elena

Belize to Guatemala – El Melechor

Guatemala to Honduras – El Florida

Honduras to Nicaragua – Los Manos

Nicaragua to Costa Rica – Penas Blanca


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