The Pan American Highway stretches approximately 30,000 miles from Prudhoe Bay, AK to Ushuaia, Argentina.  We plan on driving almost all of it except for the 62 mile stretch of jungle between Panama and Columbia known as the Darien Gap, and the Haul Rd to Prudhoe Bay.  Why are we doing this?  Why not?

A little glimpse into who we are.

Anaka is a born and raised Montana girl with a bit of Alaska under her skin since 2008.  Safe to say I’m more comfortable outside and in the mountains then in the city.  My love for traveling was sparked when I was 12 years old with a trip to Vienna, Austria with my grandparents.  I am so excited to embark on an adventurewith no time constraints, no itinerary, and endless opportunities to see, taste, touch, feel and delve into different landscapes, people, and cultures.

Ken was born in Pennsylvania lured to Alaska 5 years ago by the wildness and adventures that awaited him.

Easy going, ready to try anything, and go anywhere, Ken is the mechanically minded driving force (literally) behind this trip.

Not having traveled much out of the U.S.  Ken  is ready to see what else is out there to offer him the biggest, the best, the most edge of your seat adventures he can find.

Together we are more then ready to experience all the up, downs, wrong turns, stops and go’s that the PanAm and the tiny cab of a Ford Ranger can throw at us.


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  1. Hey guys, we just made it to Prudhoe a couple weeks ago and gradually made our way back to the states. We got to Montana today. It looks like we were driving the same roads over the past couple weeks. We’re from Phoenix so if you need a place for laundry/shower and were there, we’d love to meet up. We’re taking about 5 weeks in the lower 48 and will cross into Baja after Thanksgiving. Hopefully we’ll cross paths.

    • Hope your time in Alaska was great! We miss the wild beauty up there already, and I know you will have an amazing time in Montana (again I’m biased). We are unfortunately not heading towards Phoenix, because we always love a good shower. Basically headed down the 101 along the Oregon and California coast hoping to get into Baja by Halloween. I’m sure we will cross paths at some point.

  2. Hi,

    I found your information through the website Drive the Americas and thought I should get in touch with you to find out more and share my story.

    My name is Krystle Felcaro and I am the PR Strategist for World FC, an organization founded by Parker Heaps and Ryan Hendricks. The plan is to drive from Chicago to Brazil, to capture the passion, love, and pride that surround the sport of soccer. The documentary that we will be filming will focus on uncovering what makes this sport a worldwide phenomenon and how the FIFA World Cup affects communities worldwide.

    The trip is scheduled to start the first week of June and overall go for five weeks total. There will be a film crew of three, for a total of seven travelers. Currently, we have a Kickstarter campaign going on to make our project happen. There is also ways to support us via social media. Mainly, it would be great to know as many people as possible who share the passion for adventure and specifically, who are driving like we are, which is why I have reached out.

    If you have any tips for driving and crossing borders, we would love to hear from you. Here are the links to learn more about what we are doing:


    Thank you,

    Krystle Felcaro

    World FC, PR Strategist
    C: 847-902-6915
    E: kfelcaro@worldfc.org

    ~Love, Pride, Fútbol~

  3. Your adventure has been on my leisure reading list since the holidays last year (2012). I check in here for the latest recap every other week or so and feel a little disappointment — for all of us — when there is none. I hope all is well and wish you both the best in whatever you do, and if you return to the road I’ll be following you from my side of the screen.

    • I’m so glad that you have enjoyed the blog, I only wish that I could be providing you with more leisure reading at the moment. Due to life and circumstance, we aren’t continuing our journey, I’ve began writing the blog post many times, but haven’t been able to complete it, perhaps I’m still coming to terms with the hiatus as well. When I return to the road, wherever and whenever that may be, I will be sharing the adventure!

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