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US, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica camping sites are up!


20 thoughts on “Where We Have Been/Are

  1. Today we put our pop up camper in the same security yard as yours in Costa Rica! We used your advise that we found on the web . Thank you so much. We are a South African couple who are doing a very similar trip to yourselves. We are also using a Ford Ranger to transport our Palamino pop up camper. We return to South Africa tomorrow and will be returning within the year to continue with our journey going south. We started last year and in two three month stints have come from Deadhorse in Alaska to where we are today. It would be nice to hear from you and what you have experienced on your way down. Regards Sue and Pieter Van Oudtshoorn.

    • Glad our website was informative and glad that our camper has some company! How has your Ranger held up so far? We are both working in the US for the summer but are returning to Costa Rica mid September to continue on. When are you planning on returning?

  2. Hi guys , we are in Guatemala right now , and slowly heading down south. Wanted to ask if you have the Gps coordinates for all the camping locations , so I can transfer them to my garmin.

    Hope you are enjoying your little finance help break in the US , once back in Costa Rica , we would love to get in touch with you to have a cold beer or two… Hope to find each other somewhere along the road…take care

    Arzu & Kevin

    • On our google map of our route, there should be GPS coordinates for each place we stayed at.
      We are going to be back in Costa Rica mid September, if your around we would love to meet up for a beer!

  3. I have discover them right after I posted the comment , but thank you for your quick reply one more question , did you apply to extend your CA-4 , we wanna stay 2 months in Guatemala , and at least a month in Nicaragua for surfing and that leaves us with no time for Honduras and El Salvador , and heard when you exceed your 90 days , you pay good amount of fine for each day .

    • We ended up just ducking into Costa Rica and then back into Nicaragua. We didn’t have to extend the car’s permit so didn’t have to deal with that. Some friends did exceed their car permit and had to pay like $80 and couldn’t return to Nicaragua for three days

  4. Hi
    You have an error in your coordinates in Guatemala. For the Fuentes Georginas you have the right point on the google map, BUT the GPS coordinate should be something like N 14.55584° W 90.73977° . check it out.

    Oh and I would recommend putting the GPX file on your homepage. Most travelers don’t have easy access to the internet and typing off your coordinates on the GPS takes hours of online work. My 2 cents…

  5. Hi Michel And Ursi, We are collecting our vehicle in Costa Rica on 29th Jan and driving south like yourselves and so won’t be that far behind you! We are trying to connect (via the internet) with a reliable shipping agent to assist us with shipping our camper from Panama to Columbia. So far
    we have not had any replies. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Our email address is wingsgb@yahoo.co.uk. Regards and happy travelling – Sue and Pieter van Oudtshoorn.

    • Hello fellow adventurers! , We (Pieter and Sue van Oudtshoorn) have got as far as Santiago in Chile on our journey from top to tip – North to South of the Americas.   We are back in South Africa at present and return in October to complete our journey. We have been driving in 4×4 Ford Ranger with a pop up camper in the back.  In the warehouse in Costa Rica by co incidence we were parked next to you – remember.  When we get to Buenos Aires in Argentina in early December this year, we want to sell our rig at a bargain price. Because it is an American registered vehicle it would appear that we can only sell it to an American with an American address.   The vehicle is still in very good nick with good tyres and a reliable engine.   We wondered if you perhaps know of anybody who would like to buy our vehicle cheap as we will have finished our trip and dont mind letting it go for a song. If you have any suggestions where we could advertise our vehicle in a RV magazine or such like magazine?   

  6. We went the agent way and it cost us a bomb but worst of all, the procedure took over two weeks and half of that time we were without our camper and had to pay for accommodation in Cartagena which is not cheap. Even the hostals are exspensive because its so touristy.

  7. Hello! Thanks so much for posting all this great info and paving the way, as it were… We also did a driving tour from Canada through Central America last fall, and, thanks to your advice, parked our vehicle at Terminales Unidas in Costa Rica, when we had temporarily timed-out and weren’t sure what to do, but needed to return home. It was much appreciated!
    We will be returning to Costa Rica shortly and were wondering if there were any issues when retrieving your truck? Any tips and pointers to smooth the process? Thanks again for posting, it’s been fun keeping up with your adventure! Happy trails…. 🙂

  8. We have just finished our adventure. Took a photo at 3079km (the end of the road) in the Nacional Park in Chile. Threw some stones that we had collected in Barrow Alaska into the sea in Ushuaia and waited for the earth to move but nothing happened although my daughter in South Africa tells me she felt something!! About collecting your vehicle in Costa Rica we had no problems. Just have patience and a sense of humour and everything will be just fine. They do require you to get local car insurance that takes a bit of time but no big deal. They drove us to the insurance office to get the necessary papers. Remember to get the key from them. We forgot and are carefully guarding the only key we have to our car. If we l8ose that we are stuffed! Good luck and happy to help. Sue van Oudtshoorn.

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